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  • Car Home Office Mini Trash / Dust Bin / Garbage Basket / Car Accessory (Color may vary)

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    1. Constructed of high quality material the garbage can is durable and sturdy. With its long lifetime you can maintain a neat and clean environment in your car for a lengthy amount of time. Experience a more pleasant ride with the Garbage/ Trash Can.
    2. Are you tired of constantly cleaning your car? Want to stop the piling of loose wrappers, cups and garbage? The Trash Can is The ideal solution. This convenient Bin will help you get rid of your trash in a flash!
    3. The Trash can’s compact design makes it a very practical necessity for your car. The dust bin can be fixed and held in its position with the included removable hook. It can easily fit in a variety of places while taking up very minimal space. Hang it from your car seat headrest, glove box door, sides etc.

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